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Architectural visualization & VR technology: 
The previously only imaginable has become possible and extends our personal creative limits at NK3D. Based on well-founded technical experience and knowledge, we produce photo-realistic computer-generated high-end images and animations for architectural, interior design, prototyping, marketing and product presentation projects. Our aspiration combines creativity, technology and aesthetics. A deep

engagement with the visualization of materials, trends, and a natural light environment of the products ensure authentic and aesthetic solutions. 3D animations and virtual realities are remarkable and sustainable opportunities to strikingly and decisively convince an audience.

Our team consists of architecture, design, art and technology lovers. We manage the balancing act between computer-generated image creation and the real world, which is of great importance for us. An extensive experience of our world and nature is our top priority and provides us with an even more detailed understanding of our projects in the first place. Building on these values, we experience a continuously inspiring workplace. Our customers consist of an array of international and cross-industrial collaborations including architects, interior designers, furniture manufacturers, product designers, real estate and construction companies, as well as artists and private individuals. Our mindset is always positive and follows the principle: Only the enthusiast can inspire others!

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